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Student Experience: What does Your School Look like to a Student

A prospect lands on your school site. They browse through the items on display – your courses and lectures. They choose one they like.

They click on the big fat “Order” button to purchase it. They enter their payment details. The checkout is successful.

Now what?

What does a student see next? How do they access the course they’ve just purchased on your school? Where do they begin?

These are the most common questions that are bound to pop in your head as the “admin”.

We may have manually added a student to a course earlier, but you can’t do that for every customer now, can you? Once a student purchases an item in your school, they’re taken to what we like to call “Account Center”.

But wait… they will first have to sign into that student area. After all, it is there that they can access all the items they’ve purchased on your school.

So, this is the checkout page of our school’s course – Become a Guitar Pro in 30 Days, right?

Let’s say, a student called Peter Parker decided to purchase this course by entering his personal as well as payment details.

Right after that, he clicks on the big fat Checkout button at the bottom, makes the payment through PayPal (the selected payment gateway here), and is redirected to our school’s login page:

Simultaneously, Peter also receives two system-generated emails that contain his payment receipt as well as login instructions for the page that’s about to follow the afore-mentioned Thank You page. What emails, you ask?

Here you go:


Now, let’s go back to the login page of our school. FYI: To find out what your school’s login link is, just add “/login” after your school URL.

In our case, the student is redirected to thesoundofmusic.school.ventture.com/login right after checkout, as stated above.

Now, all Peter needs to do is to put in his email and password that he received and reset using the link in the “Your Access Details” mail, and thereafter, click on Login.

And, as soon as he gets inside, he sees your school’s Account Center.

Peter’s most recent purchase has been duly logged under “My Orders”. It is from here that he can start accessing the course he just bought, download the invoice and even the certificate for the course after its completion (if applicable).

What’s more, if he has purchased any subscription plans running on your school, he can check out the details of it by clicking on “My Subscriptions” from the left hand side user menu. Once clicked, this is what he’ll see:

It is from here that Peter can also cancel his subscription anytime he wants, and won’t be billed any further.

Now, to access the course Peter just purchased, he will click on the Access button alongside the course.

… and go straight to the first lesson of the course. See?

He watches the lesson, marks it as complete, and moves on to the next one. He keeps doing that until he reaches the very end of the course.

And, if you’ve provided a certificate with this course, he will get back to the Customer Hub by clicking on Dashboard on the far top left of this screen, and download that certificate right from under the course listing.

So, that’s all about how a student experiences your school on the frontend, and how they access their orders and subscriptions in order to start consuming the content they’ve just purchased.

But… that’s not it! Keep reading to learn how a student can change their profile details in the next tutorial.

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