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School Management: How to Customize Your School using Site Designer

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This is how our dummy school – The Sound of Music – looks by default currently.

Sad? Unbranded? Boring? Yep.

And, this, is how the same page looks after we spent some time playing with the School Builder’s awesome Site Designer.

Mind = Blown?

It’s quite easy to prettify your online school on Ventture, courtesy the fleet of design options that are present in the Site Designer.

Allow us to walk you through the settings, so that you can try your hand at them. Who knew designing could be so fun?

From your school’s Sales Dashboard, click on the More drop-down menu, and select Site Designer.

This will swoop you to our Site Designer screen with three tabs – Themes, CSS, and Customize.

Let’s take ‘em one by one, shall we?


On this tab, you’ll see Ventture’s default school theme – Rockstar – that will alter the look of your school. We keep adding newer themes, so you will have more options to choose from.

But, the tabs that come later are enough to transform your school site into the website of your dreams. For instance, take the next tab…


Upgrade from a hobbyist designer to a design ninja by writing your own custom cascading style sheet (css) code here. You know, in case you want to play around more with the height, width, or position of the preset elements of the theme you’ve chosen.

Better still, get a designer to write custom CSS for you, copy paste the code here, and click on Save to reflect the changes.


This tab, is where the fun begins! With a handful of areas in the drop-down menu, this tab lets you change everything from the logo and fonts to colors and styles.

Take, for example, the default Header of our school.

Yep, not only can the Ventture logo on the top left be replaced with your own, but this default banner that comes with the theme, the colors, and fonts can be altered upon your whim too.

Following is a selection of options for your school’s header that you can spend time tweaking as per your brand’s requirements:

So, after spending some time on the Header settings, we made the necessary tweaks, hit Save, and click on Preview Site at the top right of the screen.

The result? This.

Ventture’s logo – gone. Default banner  – disappeared. Button background color – changed. Font – altered.

It’s amazing how easy it is to make your Ventture school your own. But, you will definitely have to spend some time in order to transform your school in a manner that’s unique to your business.

So, go ahead, play with our extensive site designer, and design a school that speaks your brand.

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