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How to Manage Comments on Your Courses

Student interaction, you ask? Venture’s School Builder has got you covered!

Under every lesson, you will find a dedicated space where your students can make their remarks, add reviews, ask questions, or simply give feedback on your style of teaching.

And yes, all of that is moderated – by you!

Approve comments that add value to the lesson. Reject comments that are useless. Mark nasty/uncouth comments as spam. All from your school’s dashboard.

Now, the visibility of this section is defined by whether you’ve enabled comments in the settings of every lesson that you’ve added. Allow us to jog your memory. Remember when we added our first lesson to our course? Within the “Details” section was a nifty little toggle called “Enable Comments”.

As long as this toggle is on, your lesson will show the comments section at the bottom. You can, of course, choose to disable it for certain lessons, depending upon the lesson type.

That said, now, what happens when students start interacting on your lessons? Where do you see the comments and how do you moderate them?

Let us show you an example. From your school’s sales dashboard, jump to the Comments tab.

You’ll reach a screen that shows all comments you’ve received on all your courses and lectures in your school.

All you’ve got to do now is sit once every now and then to go through them, reply to the ones that require your attention, mark as spam (if any), or even delete a few that add no value.

What’s more, you can reply right from here, instead of having to jump to the lesson on the school, and find that comment.

Lastly, see that Bulk Actions drop-down on the top-left of the screenshot above? That’s for all the lazy bums out there who want to delete, approve, unapprove, or mark as spam comments in bulk.

Just select an action and click on Go to get it done!

That’s really all there is to moderating comments on your courses! So, make sure that you’ve got this setting enabled for your lessons and lectures, and keep customer interaction at an all time high across your school.

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