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How to Integrate an Autoresponder with your School

Constant communication with the customers is the cornerstone of any business today, and if you’re leaving yours to fend for themselves the moment they purchase one lecture on your school, you’re not heading the right way.

Say, a customer landed on your school, browsed through your training on it, and purchased a lecture. You, on the other hand, received the payment, and now, you both got what you wanted from this event.

But, is that it? Nope. Now, you need to connect with them on a regular basis, and ask them about things like their experience, what they learned from what they purchased, and what it is that they’d love to learn about in the future. And, you’ve also got to constantly let them know about what’s cooking on your school, what is about to come in the near future, and if there are any discounts or offers you’re likely to run.

All this communication is the foundation of what we call “email marketing”. It is through this communication, that you gradually develop and maintain a relationship with a customer that can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

But, here’s a pickle – sending mail to each and every customer every now and then is one hell of a task. What if you have 50 customers by next week, and then a 100, and then 500, and so on? Will you send each and every one of them a mail manually every time?

That’s the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve here.

However, when you use autoresponders, your email marketing gets automated, and you no longer have to send mails manually to every customer. With just a handful of settings you will be able to set up an autoresponder for your school on Ventture and save tons of precious hours.

All you’ve got to do is schedule your mails once based on the activities that your customers do, and let the autoresponder shoot mails on your behalf. All this – based on rules and intervals that YOU define.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to add and integrate an autoresponder with your school. This feature adds a new student (as soon as they subscribe to any pricing plan) to an external autoresponder service like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign.

Psst… you can integrate any autoresponder to your school as long as it provides a form code to add your subscribers to a mailing list.

With that cleared up, go to your autoresponder account, and grab your form code from there.

Then, select Autoresponders from the More drop-down menu on your school’s Sales Dashboard.

Doing so will redirect you to the Autoresponders screen that looks like this:

While empty right now, let’s start adding the details of our autoresponder to fill it up.

Title: The title of your autoresponder form goes here. For example, if you wish to add the names and emails of all your free subscribers to a course on your school, you can put the title as “ActiveCampaign: Free Students”.

Or, if you’re using another autoresponder to keep in touch with your students from a different country, put the title as “MailChimp: Canada Students”. Rest assured; this title is just for your reference, and is only visible to you.

Autoresponder Form Code: Copy-paste the raw HTML form code of your chosen autoresponder in this text area.

Enable: Keep this toggle turned on if you want this form code to stay activated for your school. Turn it off if, at any point of time, you wish to deactivate it.

Mapped Fields: As soon as you enter the form code in the field above, our system will enable the Name and Email fields, and populate them with the form fields that are present in the form code. Select the Name field from the Name drop down, and Email field from the Email drop down to map the fields correctly.

All details entered, and now our screen looks like this:

Hit Save, and this autoresponder form is now part of your Integrated Autoresponders list on the left. As soon as a new student purchases a course or a lecture in your school, they will simultaneously get added to your autoresponder.

Cross-check this activity by logging into your autoresponder account, and see the action for yourself.

So, that is how you enable an autoresponder for your school, and lay the groundwork to a long-lasting relationship with your students. For any hitches along the way, feel free to hit us up on support, and we’ll take it forward from there.

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