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How to Add your Social Links to your School

You’ve unlocked the secret to reaching people online via an online school. Now, boost that reach further by plugging in all your social media channels onto your school site.

After all, when used effectively, social media itself can improve traffic to your site, enhance conversion rates, and even give your brand the legitimacy you wouldn’t be able to create otherwise.

In the School Builder, linking your social media sites to your school is as easy as 123. Let’s find out how you can add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more to your school, and build a strong presence for your brand.

From your school’s Sales Dashboard, click on the More drop-down menu, and select School Details.

From here, you’ll reach the School Details screen with a handful of tabs of its own. Jump to Social, for that’s where you’re going to put your handles and usernames before you link ‘em all.

Paste the entire URL of every social page of yours here (yep, “htttps://” included), and click on Save.

The result? These icons will start showing on your school site’s footer for members to notice and get directed to them with utmost ease.

Let us show you what we did for our dummy school – The Sound of Music.

Pretty dope, isn’t it? Truth be told, makes our site look way more professional and serious. So, go ahead, do it for your own school site, and shoot up your students’ engagement levels on multiple platforms.

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