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Editing your profile, email, and password

To update your profile information on Ventture, simply click on the main admin panel drop-down menu, and click on Edit Profile under My Account.

Editing Profile

In here, enter a different name for your account that will show up in all email communication with your students.

Also update your email address, which you will be using the next time you wish to log into your Ventture account.

Next, add a 2-3 line description that works as your brand’s bio. If you’re the school owner, you ought to show your prospects what you’re like, how much experience you hold as an expert, and what your likes and dislikes are. #trustfactor

And, lastly, update your profile picture by simply hovering over the empty user avatar. You’ll see a button that lets you pull a picture from your local machine and upload it as your new display picture.

Psst… By default, every course and lecture on your school will carry the name, email, bio, and picture that you put up here. Unless, of course, you add individual authors under your courses and lectures, in which case, these details will be overridden by what you enter under Author Details.

Changing Password

Wish to update your password at any point of time? Jump to the Password tab on this screen, and enter both your old and new passwords.

Click on Save to ensure all changes are done.

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