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How to release your course on a schedule

More often than not, there are two ways a student purchases an online course –

  1. They pay a purchase fee, receive access details and unlock the entire course content.
  1. They pay a one-time/recurring fee, receive access details, and start unlocking course sections and lessons as per when you make it available for them.

Option 1 is pretty straightforward. Option 2, however, is a step ahead in making your teaching interesting.

Introducing Scheduling that lets you release your course content at periodic intervals, as opposed to letting out all the content at once, thus, overwhelming your students.

What’s more, with Scheduling, you’re able to keep your students hooked to the course as they’re more likely to come back to your course to consume the knowledge that’s in store, don’t you think?

It is from here that you break your entire content in terms of availability to your students. This way, they are no longer subjected to a tornado of content, but are able to go slow (week-wise or month-wise), and consume your course content the way it is deserved to be.

For your online school, Scheduling is available both at the Section level and the Lesson level. Let’s explain this to you in the form of an example:

Say, our course on Become the Ultimate Guitar Pro in 30 Days has 4 sections with 7 lessons under each.

As the course creator, we want to release one new section every week, and one new lesson every day.

Note though; the students won’t have access to any upcoming section even though they’ve purchased the access for a stipulated price. The sections and lessons under them will be locked until the release day arrives. Kay?

This is what happens now – your students log in every day to find a new lesson unlocked for them. They study it and wait till the next day to proceed further.

Once they reach the end of the first week, they’ll see that a new section is unlocked too, along with the first lesson under it.

…and so on.

Pretty interesting stuff, won’t you agree? Now to the real question – how do you achieve that for your school?

Let’s find out.

Scheduling Sections

You have added your sections. You have added your lessons. To begin scheduling your sections weekly (let’s set them up week-by-week), click on the Edit icon against the Section name.

Jump straight to the Scheduling tab, and turn on the Enable Scheduling toggle to activate it on this section.

Next, from the Scheduled At drop-down, select the number of days after which you want this particular section to be available to a student. Allow us to simplify this with an example:

The Getting Started and 1-7 Days sections will be unlocked as soon as a student enrolls for our course. So, we leave the field as it is – 0 days.

However, the next section we’ve created will need to be set at 8 days. And, the one after that will be set at 15 days, and the one after that to 22 days, and so on.

In a nutshell, by selecting the days under this field, you are, in fact, charting out an entire schedule for the month for the content that you’ll be uploading.

Fun fact: In the School Builder, you can set up scheduling for up to a whopping 3 years! Yep, up to 1095 days.

Commencement Date is an interesting field if you want your scheduling to be activated on a particular date.

Say, you have a Spanish cooking course lined up to begin on June 1, 2021. Create this section and a couple of others way before that date (about two weeks in advance), and start promoting them for free to generate enough leads. These leads will check out your free content, and sign up for your course that’s set to begin on the 1st of June. How smart is that?

But, if you want your students to start accessing your content as soon as they subscribe, leave this field empty and move on!

Click Save, and we’re done.

Scheduling Lessons

The same logic applies to scheduling on the lesson level too. Simply click on Edit lesson to reach the Settings of the lesson.

Next, activate the Enable Scheduling toggle, and select the day you want this lesson to be released from the Scheduled At drop-down field.

The next lesson will be set to 2 days.

The one after that will be set to 3 days. 

Well, you get the idea, eh?

So, that is the whole deal with Scheduling on the School Builder. How fun is this feature?

Go ahead – set it up for your entire course, and then test it out once. You’ll be amazed to see just how much of an intrigue this feature can create for your course.

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