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Adding 3rd Party Script Codes to Your School to Track its Conversions and Sales

Where there’s a website, there ought to be tracking. Tracking of the traffic, conversions, and sales made. Your online school is part of your elaborate online business. It’s only obvious that you set up a tracking system that tells you exactly what channels bring in traffic for you and increase your site’s overall conversion rates.

Our School Builder’s simple and straight-forward tracking implementation process lets you do that with utmost ease. In here, you just have to copy-paste the tracking code you’ve extracted from the tracking tool, and that’s pretty much it!

Allow us to show where and how you can do that on your online school.

From your school’s Sales Dashboard, go to the More drop-down menu, and select School Details.

From here, jump straight to the Script tab, which looks like this:

Now, say, you want to track how many conversions your site is receiving from a campaign on Facebook using Facebook Conversion Pixel.

Simply paste the full script code here (<script src=”…….”</script>), and click on Save.

“But… what if I want to track my traffic from multiple portals?”

Valid question! Well, in that case, extract the respective script codes, and copy-paste them in this field all below each other.

In conclusion, all you need is this one box and a bunch of script codes to ensure that you receive and track all data from your chosen channels. Tweak your marketing strategy based on what channels are performing well and what aren’t.

Simple enough? For any queries, get in touch with our support champs, and they’ll come to your rescue right away!

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