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How to manually add a student to your school

So, you’ve set up a gorgeous course or a series of lectures in your online school. You’re inviting lead upon lead to sign up, and all of them are automatically added to your list. This one time, however, you receive an offline request from a customer who wishes to purchase a course or a lecture.

What do you do?

Simple. You add them to it manually – update their email, password, course access, and transaction records in your Ventture account in just a couple of steps.

That, is one of the many use cases why you might want to add a student to your school manually.

Another common use case is that of pending payments. Sometimes, a customer’s payment may not get through in time, but you still want to grant them access to the items in your school.

You simply add them to your account, get ‘em started, and wait for the payment to reach you in the meantime.

Like we keep emphasizing – on Ventture’s School Builder, we’ve thought of everything for ya!

So, how do we add a student manually to our school? Start by clicking on the Students tab from your school’s Sales Dashboard.

Doing so will take you to your Students’ list, which is, of course, empty right now because our course hasn’t made any sale yet. #Sigh

Anyhoo, click on the tiny drop-down icon next to Create New. Now, note that there are two options here – Order and Subscription.

While Order lets you add a student straightaway to an individual course or lecture, Subscription lets you add a student to any subscription plan you’ve created for your school.

The process is more or less the same, with just a couple of fields interchanged.

Let’s click on Order first, yeah?

Adding a Student to a Course or Lecture

Here’s what opens up…

Quite a stretch, yeah? But, fret not! Here’s a breakdown of all the fields to make you understand better:

  • Email: The email of the student you want to add. A mandatory field, for obvious reasons. As soon as you enter the email, the following four fields will open up – Name, Password, Country, and Student Since.
  • Name: Enter the student’s official name here.
  • Password: Set up a password for them that they can access their course with.
  • Country: What country do they belong to? Select that from here.
  • Student Since: Their purchase date goes up here.
  • Enable: Straightforward, eh? Disable this toggle if you want to revoke their access at any point of time.
  • Notify: Enable this toggle to send out a system-generated email to them as soon as they’re added to your course.
  • Free: Feeling generous? Enable this toggle if you’ve not charged this particular student a dime.
  • Course: Select the course/lecture you want to add them to.
  • Pricing Plan: The pricing plan they’ve purchased goes here.
  • Receipt: Critical for offline transactions – just in case you want to maintain records – but an optional field.
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal? Stripe? Offline? Bitcoin? Select the appropriate gateway for them here.
  • Amount & Gateway Fee: There may be chances that you may have charged them a different amount than the retail price of your course. Update it here, along with any gateway fee you may have incurred that they’re supposed to bear.
  • Start Date & End Date: The duration of their access to your course can be set up from here.
  • Status: Active, Cancelled, or Expired? Update the details from here.

Now, just for the purpose of this demo, we thought we’d add Marvel Comics’ creator Stan Lee as one of our students for this course. Here’s an example of how all the fields, when filled for our course on Become the Ultimate Guitar Pro in 30 Days, look like:

Simple, easy-to-understand fields, but they sure cover everything you need to record about a brand new student added to your school, don’t they? 

Adding a Student to a Subscription

Now, if you were to click on adding a student to a Subscription instead, the only difference you’ll see is the Course field replaced by the Subscription Plan field. The Pricing Plan field would, of course, no longer be relevant.

Exhibit A:

So, that is how you manually add a student to a course on your school. Easy-peasy, eh?

Fun fact: Anytime you want to do a test run on what your school and its courses would look like to a real student, this is how you add a test user and review all the frontend settings. You know, just to ensure everything looks tip-top.

Coming back to our updated Students’ list, here’s a brand new addition we’re excited about!

Look at all these fields here:

  • Name: The name of your student.
  • Email: Their email address that they will use to login and access your course.
  • Joining date: The date on which they were added to your Students’ list.
  • Orders: The total amount of the orders they’ve placed for your course.
  • Refund: Any refunds made by this student will reflect here.
  • Monthly average: An account of the average you’re extracting from this student on a monthly basis.
  • Status: The status of your student that you can change anytime by turning the toggle on or off.
  • Options: Lets you edit or delete this student from your course records too. While the tiny “mail” icon lets you manually send a system-generated email containing their login access details (in case you’ve edited any details in their record, set a new password for them, or just updated their payment records), the “i” icon called Details, gives you a detailed account of their subscription with you.

Click on it and see for yourself:

In here, we see every detail of Stan Lee’s activity on our school, including the items he has bought, the subscriptions he’s on, and the transactions he has done.

As the course creator, you can take two very important actions here from under Optionsedit the details of the student’s subscription and refund them for their purchase.

FYI: If a student has purchased your course via PayPal, you will have to refund their subscription first by clicking the Refund icon here, and then cancel their subscription from your PayPal account too. Stripe transactions, on the other hand, are automatically canceled from here.

So, that, coaches, is the deal with adding students manually and reviewing their purchases from the same Students tab.

Got a question regarding student subscriptions? Reach out to our support heroes and they’ll gladly assist you.

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