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Viewing your subscription and transaction fee

Wondering where to find out information about the subscription plan you’re on with Ventture?

All your pending fee and subscription details can be found right under Billing & Fee on your Ventture account.

Simply click on the main admin panel drop-down menu, and select Billing & Fee.


Enter Subscriptions, wherein, you will see a detailed overview of your subscription plan that you purchased while signing up for Ventture.

Let’s take these fields one by one:

Plan name: The name of the subscription plan you purchased.

Receipt: The receipt number generated by the system for your reference.

Amount: The amount you paid to purchase the plan you’re on.

Times Billed: If it’s a monthly subscription, this field shows how many monthly payments have been done by you for your plan to Ventture. Otherwise, the value stays at “1”.

Begin Date: The date on which you signed up for this plan.

Expiry Date: The date your subscription will expire if the next payment isn’t done within the stipulated time.

Next Billing: The date on which the system will bill you again.

Status: Status of this subscription. If, at any point of time, you cancel this subscription, the status will change to red.

The two icons under Options let you view a detailed account of your subscription order, as well as cancel it by clicking on the red cross button.

Let’s check out Orders first by clicking on it.

The screenshot above gives an elaborate view of this particular subscription, along with the ability to perform a couple of actions.

For example, you can download the invoice for this order by clicking on the Invoice icon at the bottom.

You can also cancel your subscription from this screen by clicking on the Cancel Subscription button.

And, speaking of cancelling…

The same action can be performed by clicking on the Cancel icon outside from the main Subscriptions screen.

Clicking on this icon opens a popup that asks you to confirm if you really want to perform this action:

Click No if you change your mind, and Yes if you’re sure you want to go ahead with the cancellation.

Transaction Fee

If you are on a plan which incurs a transaction fee on orders processed in your account, then you can track all your account’s transaction fee details from this screen.

While the Upcoming tab lets you view the fee you owe to Ventture for the sales you’ve made through your sites, the History tab shows the payments you’ve already made.

Upcoming Fee

Action: The disabled Pay button automatically gets enabled when it’s time for you to pay. Clicking on the button redirects you to the checkout page from where you can enter your credit card details and make the payment.

Year: The year of this upcoming payment.

Month: The month for which this payment is due.

Fee: The amount due for you to pay.

Due Date: Your due date for this payment. Failing to make your payment before this date will disable your access to our website builders. You’ll be able to restore your access only after you’ve made the payment.

Fee History

Same details, only this time, for the payments you’ve made before. Every successful payment you make from under the Upcoming tab automatically gets logged in under here.

So, this is how you view your subscription and fee information from inside your account. For any billing and fee related queries, hit us up on support and our support heroes will gladly assist you.

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