It’s the year 2001.

The Internet, despite the generation before us having deemed it a fad, has geared up to take over the planet. A website is launched every 3 seconds.

Inevitably, bloggers emerge, one after another, claiming and establishing their slice of web space.

Blogging becomes a validated medium for sharing thoughts, expert advice, personal journeys, and opinions on anything and everything.

Cut to today.

It’s 2021. The world survived a pandemic, and is still reeling from a global recession.  Leo finally grabbed an Oscar. Britain exited the EU. An egg beat out Kylie Jenner for the most-liked photo on Instagram.

So much has changed since 2001. So, the question begs to be asked:

Why are you still just stuck on blogging?

As much as we hate to break it, blogging and posting about it on your social media is no longer cool. Agreed, you’ve made enough moolah through brand collaborations and affiliate links. But, did you know there’s a whole new way you can convert your blogging business into a persuasive source of income?

Your competitors are already doing it with full gusto, and if you’re still stuck on producing weekly/fortnightly/monthly posts on your blog, you, dear friend, need this revelation now more than ever. Come on, you’re practically leaving money on the table!

It’s 2021. It’s time you created an online course.

After all, you, a blogger, are one of the most equipped people to create one. You already have all the stuff you need.

As a blogger, you’re a proficient content creator already. Your audiences love you, and creating an online course for them is not only a fun change of pace but an incredibly lucrative way to shoot up your income.

It’s one of the fastest-growing trends in the blogosphere, which is why thousands of bloggers have already jumped the wagon. They’re not only leveraging their expertise to help others but also increasing their own profits in the process.

And, the best thing? Unlike your old, moderately successful blog posts that have a limited shelf life, an online course will be your evergreen asset that you can sell over and over again for 10 times the price you’d charge for a blog post!

An online course will be your evergreen asset…

Following are all the reasons why creating an online course must be your immediate priority:

1: You can stand out as an expert in a pool of experts

So many blogs on the web. So many experts. How do you stand out in a burgeoning pool of them? You grab every opportunity there is to take your blog up a notch!

Think about it – you already know the pain points of your audience.

Wouldn’t it be frugal to repurpose and bundle up your best-performing blog posts into an online course, and make big money out of it, repeatedly?

Moreover, your online course will further establish your expertise in your niche. After all, your audience will realize that you certainly have more tricks up your sleeves than you’re letting out for free on your blog.

This nugget of an idea packs up so much punch that bloggers all over the world have taken to online course-building platforms to put their expert knowledge to maximum use.

2: You can regulate your income

Monetary opportunities in the field of blogging are often a rollercoaster ride.

One month, you’re sitting on a goldmine of brand sponsorships, and the next month, you’re lucky if you just about manage to pay the bills!

If this sounds too real, you need to build a course now more than ever!

Say goodbye to irregular income, and create a course right away from the knowledge you’ve acquired over the past few years.

If you’ve been in the blogging business for quite some time, you must be familiar with the wonders of analytics. It’ll help you learn exactly how much your audience has grown since your last course launch, and push you to create more and more such courses.

To sum it up, it’s time you put monetary control back into your hands, instead of depending upon brands and their constantly fluctuating budgets.

3: You already have the content you need for the course

Ask any online coach and they just won’t stop cribbing about how taxing researching and scripting content for their course is.

Fortunately, you’re a blogger!

You will be surprised how bloggers have it the easiest when it comes to creating online courses.

One look at your blogger dashboard will tell you all you need to know about how much content you already own. Simply repurpose it, bundle it into a series of guides, and get selling!

Say, you’re running a successful fitness blog and have tens of hundreds of recipes that you’ve posted in the past. Simply package them all into a single course, choose a nice title (eg: Fitness on a Budget: The Yummiest Keto Recipes), and voila!

That’s a course that fitness freaks wouldn’t mind shelling out big bucks for.

4: You already have the audience you need for the course

You have a compelling viewership on your blog. You have an impressive number of followers on social media. And, your friends and family know that blogging is your full-time job.

Did you know that this, is more than what many newbie online coaches could even dream of?

Your audience is ready to grab with both hands whatever it is you offer them next. If it’s a course, they’ll immediately know that you’re going to offer them something bigger and better than what you’ve been doing for free.

What’s more, having a ready audience puts you in a safe position in terms of experimenting.

For instance, you can create polls, and ask relevant questions about your upcoming course, which will help you meet their expectations once you do launch it.

Unlike a first-timer, you skip the whole marketing ordeal of finding an audience and struggling to build a buzz around your upcoming course.

5: You can promote your course on your blog and social media

You already have an audience. You already have the numbers. Why look elsewhere to promote your course? Your blog alone can be a powerful marketing tool for your course!

Here are four awesome ways to do it:

  1. Add a “Courses” tab on your navigation bar: Along with it, add a link to your course in all your static blog pages, thus, pointing both recurring and new viewers towards your business. The more they see your course on your blog, the more likely they are to purchase it.
  2. Add links to your course in your social media bios: Also, from time to time, keep notifying your followers that you have a course they can hugely benefit from, and that they can check it out and purchase it right from your bio.
  3. Mention your course in relevant blog posts: Once your course is live, you will have to work actively to promote it on your blog, wherever possible. So, each time you publish something, simply add a link to your sales page at the bottom and navigate users to check it out.
  4. Offer free course resources like action plan/checklist PDFs, Videos, eBooks on your posts: The people who land on your blog may not be ready to shell out their credit cards for your course just yet, but a “free” resource will get you their email IDs for sure! And, you already know how important an email list is when it comes to converting sales.

As a blogger, you’re already one step ahead of your competitors by deciding to launch a course. You have worked hard to win the trust and loyalty of your audience, which makes it all the more urgent for you to take the leap.

So, wait no more – building your first course is as easy as 123. Create an account on Ventture right away and start building the online education empire of your dreams.