“I know the art form. I’ve been dancing since I was 3 years old!”

“I hold a dance degree, you know.”

“Of course, I’ve thought of setting up a studio, but I don’t know where to begin!”

Let me guess, all these thoughts have held you hostage for too long. You know you’re an accomplished dancer, and desperately want to impart that knowledge to others.

Chances are, you already are a hoot on social media too, where you constantly upload videos of your “moves”, and receive immense praise.

But, isn’t creating something big out of it is too much to handle by yourself?

You want to make something out of that gorgeous talent of yours, but there’s too much to be done – setting up a studio, bringing in members, and investing an endless number of hours and energy into creating a curriculum.

And, after all this, if there’s some time left, figuring out marketing strategies that give you an edge over your competitors.

I feel you. It’s intimidating, alright.

Let’s cut to the chase, though – starting a dance company/academy/business is no child’s play. Like any business, it involves a truckload of hustle which can be overwhelming for even the most accomplished dancers.


If you’re positive about starting a full-fledged business – and you are; that’s why you’re here on this blog – here’s two words that are going to change your life, forever.

Online courses

Online courses are the coolest way to legitimize your knowledge of your craft and make loads of money in the process.

It’s the trendiest way to start a business online, and cater to a much wider audience, than you would have with a physical studio.

Remember though; it’s not about garnering an Instagram or YouTube following…

Yes, you’re already a moderate influencer on social media. After all, you’re posting your videos on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram – but for FREE.

The question is: why keep doing it sans any returns?

Moreover, by offering your content for free, you’re inadvertently amassing the wrong kind of followers and freebie seekers who are now used to getting content from you without paying for it.

In fact, they’d rather pay your competitors, but expect your posts to be available to them free of cost – because that’s exactly what you’ve been doing all this while!

It’s time you took control of your talent and did justice to it.

It’s time you stepped up your game (pun intended).

It’s time you created an online course.

Take the leap from being a free artist to a paid expert

One of the primary differences between an artist and an expert is that experts don’t do anything for free. The world knows that their time and efforts are of value.

So, the choice is yours – remain a dancer, or christen yourself as an expert in your field.

Let me explain – so far, you’ve been putting up your best videos and imparting your dance knowledge for free, which has helped you garner a compelling audience too.

The issue, however, is that you can’t really count on that audience.

Your subscribers and followers, no matter the number, are getting everything without actually paying for it. Agreed, this increasing number of followers may be tremendously satisfying for your ego, but it’s not the end game. It’s not the ultimate goal.

The goal should not be to create a huge fan following.

The goal, is to buck up, and finally put a price on your talent by following this no-brainer strategy:

Say, you’re a trained Salsa dancer. Start by creating a course outline, combining all aspects of the genre, and update your followers about your upcoming course.

Then, release a couple of lectures (or excerpts) from that course for free on your social media portals (Instagram and YouTube), and then let them sign up for the rest.

This exact strategy is used by 100% of online schools, no matter the niche.

To give you an example, check out how Edureka offered a free course on Android Development on YouTube first, and then redirected the viewers to sign up for the main course on the portal.

This sample series of videos will get them instantly hooked to your course, and they won’t mind paying for the rest too!

To sum it up, the first course of action is to scale up from being a dancer to an expert, and garner your people’s respect (and money) the way you deserve.

Here’s an example of a course outline on “Salsa Dance 101 for Beginners” that you can refer to in order to get started:

The Basic Steps

  • The Right-hand Turn
  • How to Find the Beat and Start Dancing
  • Salsa Partnerwork: Ladies’ Right-hand Turn
  • Salsa Partner work: Men’s Right-hand Turn
  • Cross Body Lead Breakdown
  • Cross Body Lead with Inside Turn
  • Cross Body Lead with Outside Turn
  • Let’s Practice the Cross Body Lead with Outside Turn to Music

Open Break Variations

  • The Open Break and Walkaround Breakdown
  • The Walkaround with Music
  • L.A. Walk Breakdown and with Music
  • Submarine Breakdown

Cross Body Variations

  • Backdoor Turn Breakdown and with Music
  • Shoulder Check Breakdown and with Music
  • Titanic Flare Breakdown and with Music

Finishing Touches

  • Stomach Wrap Breakdown with Music
  • Final Choreography Review Breakdown
  • Final Choreography Review with Music

Use technology to reach out your audience

Which business owner doesn’t aspire for a vast audience base?

The problem, however, is that, in the field of dancing, you need to travel constantly, build a team of talented choreographers, organize events, and stay on your toes – all the time (again, pun intended).

In short, you need to be present. Yourself. Everywhere.

All hail the wonders of technology, on the other hand!

As an online dance coach, all those afore-mentioned worries go down the drain for you.

All you need to do is, just create an online course once, upload it, and start reaching out to prospects all over the world and create a global audience.

This is exactly what prominent Indian actor and acclaimed dancer Madhuri Dixit did through her online academy – Dance with Madhuri.

The portal gives its users the chance to learn various dance styles from the best choreographers assembled by Madhuri, in the most systematic, authentic and convenient way possible.

But… technology is too expensive and complicated!

Indeed, it can be. After all, you’re a dancer, not a software programmer!

Even if you wish to build your first online school, how do you go about it?

Would you be able to take care of hosting, maintenance, and the management of your technology team? Not really.

What you need is a single touch-point, a single, reliable platform on which, teaching and maintaining your student base is effortless and uncomplicated.

In other words, you need our wondrous School Builder.

Log in. Upload your lessons. Choose a pricing plan. Do some cosmetic customizations. Done.

On our school builder, it’s really that simple.

The ultimate course building platform, our school builder enables you to create multiple courses under multiple schools, so that you can start your dance academy right away!

Yes, an academy.

Teach various genres of dance in the form of videos, sell different courses at different prices, manage students from across the world, and earn far more than what you would through an offline business model.

Moreover, our school builder enables you to award certificates to your students after they complete a course. This further establishes their trust and value in your course, and makes your school all the more authentic.

So, what are you waiting for? If there was ever a good time to convert your skill into a profitable online business, it’s now.

Get in touch with us to learn how to get started right away.